United Front should make their own "Jade Empire" IP.

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I'm not usually a huge fan of Wuxia settings, although they're definitely enjoyable at the right time. I like things a bit more grounded when it comes to the depiction of martial arts. That said though, while I was playing the DLC I couldn't help but be reminded of some aspects of Jade Empire. It wasn't perfect, but it was a step in a different direction, one that I'd really like to see more of in that style. To me it seems that many games of that milieu have far too much of an Anime crutch that uses the same mechanics or archetypes that are getting way too familiar. Also, since BioWare's ability to make strong games is starting to be questioned a tad by some of their target audience, I doubt that they would take a chance and make JE2 since the first one didn't move tremendous amounts of copies. Or maybe they will, who knows.

I like the fighting system, I like the somewhat grounded depiction of the characters that don't have Rainbow Brite hair colors, and Chinese mythology is still one of those areas that is relatively untouched in this medium, comparatively speaking. Now that I think about it, the last game I played that was really evocative of the scope, mystery and weirdness of Chinese folklore was the second Tomb Raider... huh.

If they were to add a little more under the hood behind the combat system as far as customization and skill trees, I think that would be something pretty damn amazing. They've already proven themselves to make amazing environments, entertaining characters and story-lines.

And as always, pitch me some names if you read that and feel that I completely missed something.

inb4 forced "China Don't Care" references.

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It could work. I'd need to see a little more out of the studio in the way of story-telling, however, beyond their simply having mastered/successfully copied a decent large numbers melee system. Sleeping Dogs' story was definitely better than average, but it wouldn't have carried a game that didn't have open world appeal.

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True, though I was entertained by it enough to where it was driving me forward while I was playing it. Which is more than I can say for some other open-world shooters like it where most of the focus is on acting like a complete psychopath. Unless you're Vinny, in which case that's still the focus. But, I never really considered a lot of the plot-lines for BioWare games to be spectacular, either. They were each basically the same story, just repackaged in a different form. Which I guess is fine when it's a good story, but after a dozen times it starts to get a little stale.

At least a Wuxia setting would allow for something new and different in the peripheral.

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I haven't saw any footage of the DLC, and i haven't played Jade Empire, but i would really love a Chinese folklore game, specially if it focuses in spirits and things like that. That kind of reminds me of the Board Game Ghost Stories, which is a really cool cooperative board game. About the studios capability... I felt that the only flaw that Sleeping Dogs had was the scope, because it had sooo much potential... It left me wanting more. Also, i want exorcizing kung-fu. With Bruce Lee sounds.

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The world needs a new Jade Empire. That game was great.

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An interesting idea, but it is doubtful that EA will let the IP go to another publisher. This will only happen if EA hires United Front, and EA don't really seem to be in the mood to hire any studio that isn't a block-buster maker. Sure, Sleeping Dogs was good, but it didn't light the sales charts on fire, and EA doesn't care if a studio is "good" - it only cares if a studio brings in the cash.

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That's what I'm saying though. United Front needs to make their own. Not actually make Jade Emipre 2, but something similar, because I felt like both the Wuxia setting and feel of Jade Empire AND United Front seem like they have a lot of untapped potential.

A girl can dream.

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@Grimhild: I do want to give Sleeping Dogs credit for its development of your relationships with the gangs. It was really amazing how you went from looking down on Winston and Duke as a pair of idiotic roid-raging lowlifes to being basically their best friend in the world, and the conversations you have with them make this transition totally believable. The stuff with Jackie was just as good. I think it's really the interrelationships between characters that make a Bioware style RPG and they've shown some potential. But I'd also give Bioware a little more credit than you for their stories over the years, including Kotor, Jade Empire, and Mass Effect. There are some similarities in structure, but a structure is not a story, and I think they've shown some capacity for variety there.

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You know what? I want a moratorium on saying "inb4" in the first post. It's not fair, and it's unsportsmanlike.

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I suppose. Maybe it's just the messianic/Chosen One frame work that they consistently pick for every story arc that gets boring to me. One of those "I like ice cream, but I don't want to eat it every day" sort of things.


Since when has anyone played fair on the interwebz? ;)

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