shinjiex's Sleeping Dogs (PlayStation 3) review

The Sleeper Hit of The Year!

Sleeping Dogs formally known as True Crime Hong Kong before being canceled by Activison and later picked up by Square Enix

Is a sandbox 3rd person action adventure game much like the Grand Theft Auto an or Saints Row video games

You play both sides of the law as an undercover agent seeking revenge for your late sisters death trying take down criminal gang organizations

The Good +

The exciting city of Hong Kong is your playground

Close quarters combat CQC is fluent & fun

Role playing progression elements upgrading your character

The Bad -

The main mission that make up the story is fairly shorter the usual

Character graphic models are not so pretty up close

Subtitles are too small when it comes reading spoken Cantonese dialog

Release Date - 8/14/2012
Publisher - Square Enix

Developer - Untied Front Games


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