chilipeppersman's Sleeping Dogs (PC) review

Great game

Sleeping Dogs

Overall: A great game that gets you sucked in, but the side missions get old fast.

Visuals: They really outdid themselves with this one. Hong Kong looks amazing, and you really feel that you are there, kicking ass and taking in the sights. I dont have the high resolution texture pack, but I know if i did the game would look even better. The PC version looks a little better than the consoles, thanks to some extra work. Much appreciated. I was running the game on 1680x1050 with med/high settings and it still looked great. Good job.

Story: Good voice acting, and some really interesting subplots make you care about whats going on, but it doesnt get so complex that you lose track of whats going on. Easy to follow, and well told.

Gameplay: The gameplay is really fun and accessible in SD. The controls are easy to grasp, but hard to master, and the fighting, as well as the hacking minigames, take some actual skill. Thats the thing about this game, it takes some skill to do well. And the game never feels cheap, when you die or mess up, you know it was your fault. Some great set pieces help the action, but the side missions I found disappointingly dull. Some, like the cockfights, are left completely to chance and require no skill. Its refreshing at first, but not the sort of thing you do more than once or twice. I did notice a couple weird bugs on the PC version, mostly just with the left stick being used to select your active missions, it never worked for me, so I always had to go into the map and choose where to go. But the pros outweigh the cons in SD, and you simply must play it if you like action or open world games.


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