Streaming has helped me overcome my fear of horror games

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So I started to stream horror games. I like the idea of playing games that scare me but I always find myself playing 3 or 4 hours and stopping just because I get too freaked out to continue. Since Spookin with Scoops, I thought I would give it a try and I've found having people watching you go through games like Outlast or Slender doesn't necessarily reduce how scary the game is, but rather gives you a good reason to push on. I am pretty new to streaming but I just found it fascinating that it actually has helped me finish certain games. Has anyone else had this experience? I know it's kind of abstract but I figured I'm not the only one. Heck, maybe even it helped Patrick a bit, although he seems to deal with horror stuff much better than me.

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@sackmanjones: Guess I can't edit posts anymore! But the reason I put it under Slender: The Arrival is especially a game that I would have never played before but its gotten me to push through it even though it takes me forever to finish just one scenario.

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I have thought about doing this. But I don't know how to stream and also fuck scary games.

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