How Many Pages Have You Been Able To Get In A Single Run?

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So I've known about Slender for a while, but hadn't played it until the other day since my last laptop was a complete utter piece of shit. Now that I can play it smoothly, I have made it my mission to play at least once a day until I finish a single run getting all 8 pages. I have gotten at least 5/8 pages on each run and I've played about 6 times. My last time, actually, I was about 10 feet away from receiving the 7th page, but Slenderman turned me around right before I got to it. So, as it stands, the most I have gotten in a single run is 6 pages out of the 8.

What is your best?

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I got 5 my first run and 7 my second. I had a little bit of knowledge of how Slender man acts. So I could pretty effectively evade him up to 7 pages. I did finally get all 8 after like 50 tries. Once you get the seventh page you need way more luck than skill or knowledge.

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4 pages, then ragequit shouting

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Just tried playing it like 20 minutes ago. Got 2 pages. Then he killed me. I screamed like a little bitch.

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Six on my first run. Never played it again.

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Just played it for the first time...may never do it again.

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