How Do You Get the Vita Version

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Hey guys, I'm sure this is a really stupid question, but I just got this game for the PS3 and it said it came with a downloadable version for the Vita, and normally that means there is a code I need to punch in, but I can't find a code in there anywhere. I opened the box and there was just the game inside, then when I popped that in I didn't notice anything that said "redeem code." So anyone know what I need to do? I'm sure it's something obvious I just haven't noticed but if you guys could help me out that would be great. Thanks.

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If it's anything like Playstation All Stars then there should be an option in the XMB that says something like redeem game content, it should be right underneath the option to start the PS3 version of the game. Select that option and it will redeem and register the vita version to your SEN account.

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@zella: You are completely right with that assumption.

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