star_wars117's Sneak King (Xbox 360) review

Burger King Game? LOL

Burger king...making video games for a next gen system. When i heard this i giggled and called my friends liars. I then saw the commercial. I then headed toward burger king on my quest to get this so called "game" I bought this thinking i just wasted my 4.99. I was wrong. The game is pretty addicting you move around 10 diffrent worls with 100 missions each and deliver food to people with stealh and ninja like skills. You start out in a construction site giving Biscuits away. There is no story line accept there are some hungy people that need food. So your charcter is "the king" himself. Gameplay is very fun using Splinter Cell like tactics (without the violence) to get past people to get to your target. the game looks horrible and the sounds is not much better either. but the game is 4.99 and fun so go to burger king and buy it.. If you can get past all the ban sounds and graphics you have a fun stealth based game.


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    Fun to watch people play... 0

    When i bought sneak king i don't know what was going through my mind. It seemed like a good idea at the start, " Hey a mediocre game for 4.99 why not." but then when i got home and popped it into my 360 and watched my brother play, I actually could not wait for me to try it out because it looked fun.But as soon as I started to play it hit me. This game really isn't that fun to play as much as it was fun to watch others play. The premise of the game is going around all sneakily like the king is s...

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    Sneak King is bad, but you have to take its cost into account. 0

    This game is very amusing for the five doller price point? cant quite remember how much exactly it is a stealth action game starring "The King" the sneakiest mofo in the area. and it delivers.i did not regret my purchase of the game because of how amazing the whole package is. you get to sneak around getting people burger king food, and then watching a repetitive dance. not very amazed me on all fronts,  especially the graphix, it looks like a bad ps2 game. except this is ...

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