DarksydePhil Killshot Reactions

#1 Posted by Funkydupe (3475 posts) -


Some really good shots here showing how neat the slow-mo sequences can be. DSP is one of my favorites for playthroughs on YouTube.

(Another game with good exit wounds is the upcoming Max Payne 3 game.)

#2 Posted by Binman88 (3708 posts) -

The slow-mos can make you feel like a badass alright. Couldn't watch the video though, bit annoying in the first few seconds :D

#3 Posted by scarycrayons (335 posts) -

Ah, DSP... if you like your videos to have lots of hawking phlegm, blaming games for lack of reading ability, laughing at own obnoxious jokes, and playthroughs that are either rushed or unfinished (and never in between), he's your guy.

I've watched some of his stuff because there's a lack of good 'blind playthroughs' of a lot of games (Phoenix Wright, for example), but my goodness, he sure is grating on the nerves!

#4 Posted by ShaggE (7569 posts) -

Not sure if this is annoying-funny or just annoying... a couple of shots had me smirking, but that's about it.

#5 Edited by Tennmuerti (8729 posts) -

Man he got really annoying fast.
Multikills are my favourite, got another double slo mo headshot playing today, too bad there aren't any in the vid :(
Still haven't got that ricoche kill tho.

#6 Posted by FourWude (2274 posts) -

That's not slo-mo. That's fucking lag. Lag switching xbox piece of shit scrub is impossible to beat. If it wasn't for the lag that would have been a triple headshot each time.

#7 Posted by MeierTheRed (5050 posts) -

Played the demo 5 times, 2 on PC 3 on PS3. Finished the full game a few days ago, took me 6 hours. Watching that many slow-mo x-ray take downs got real boring. Also the game is not very great.

#8 Posted by Funkydupe (3475 posts) -

@scarycrayons: It sure took some getting used to his personality, but I enjoyed his ME3 and Fallout 3 playthroughs and I honestly think he's way more entertaining than some on YouTube that seem like grey mice by comparison. It depends on whether you like people talking a lot, or little in your playthroughs of course.

#9 Posted by JJOR64 (19608 posts) -

Oh DSP...

#10 Edited by OllyOxenFree (5010 posts) -

DSP can suck my foot.
High-pitched bastard...

#11 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Awesome shots, annoying voice.

#12 Posted by 234r2we232 (3175 posts) -

I'm not sure what's worse. The guy in the video, or the fact someone thought enough of it to promote him by name :/

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