I can't find any cooperative / multiplayer games

#1 Posted by pubbles (153 posts) -

So I bought this game, but I can't seem to find any cooperative or multiplayer game at all... which to me is strange because this game just game out...

Anyone had any luck?

#2 Posted by SkullcrusherMountain (1013 posts) -


If it's on the console, for whatever reason, I preordered at Amazon a few weeks ago, but checked to see if my game had shipped yesterday (they usually give release day shipping) but it hadn't. So I canceled and used some credit at my local Gamestop instead. I go to pick it up today, and they said it's not in stores yet, try Thursday. A couple hours later, I got a text saying it should be in late Wednesday afternoon. So if that's the experience others have had, I'm guessing it's one of those games that A) isn't selling well and/or B) nobody can find it.

#3 Posted by Sackmanjones (5272 posts) -

I just read that they actually delayed the game till May 9th due to some shipping error. So Im guessing your one of a few people who has the game

#4 Posted by salad10203 (670 posts) -

I presume hes talking about the PC version, head over and check the Steam forums.

#5 Posted by pubbles (153 posts) -

Yeah sorry, PC version

#6 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1824 posts) -

@coopersy: if you have it on steam, pm me your name and I'll add you. I want to try some coop at some point!

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