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I must start by saying I'm not usually a fan of stealth or sniper type games. I downloaded the demo out of sheer boredom and found myself instantly hooked. I then immediately pre-ordered the game and eagerly awaited it's release. The reviews started pouring in that it wasn't really all that great, and that the overall vibe was repetitive. This didn't stray me and I'm glad it didn't. This game, like Warriors Orochi 3 are two completely fun releases that got ho-hum reviews for all the wrong reasons. The sniping is unique, the levels are just the right length, and the x ray kills are hilarious. Sure the AI is dumb every now and then, but what game doesn't have bugs?!?! Seriously. Reviewers these days seriously need to watch movies for good stories, and play games for "fun". I skip most of the stories in games cause I usually could care less. Call me old school, but games like this are awesomely good times... Repetitive or not.

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