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SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash is the first game released in the SNK vs Capcom franchise. It takes over a hundred characters from Capcom's and SNK's history and pits them against each other in 3-on-3 card combat. It comes in two versions: SNK version and Capcom version; each version yields exclusive cards.

Game Rules

The rules of Card Fighters are very simple compared to card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. The goal is to reduce the other player's HP to 0; earlier battles give each player 2000 HP to start, while later battles give 3000 HP. There are only two types of cards: Character cards and Action cards. Character cards represent fighters, while Action cards represent events.

Character Card Features

  • BP: Serves as both Health and Attack Power. When this number is reduced to zero, the character is "KO'd," removing them from play.
  • SP: This game's cost system; SP is immediately received when a character is placed on the field.
  • Effect: Character's unique effect. There are three types: Triangle effects are activated when the character is put into play, Circle effects are constantly active, and Square effects are manually activated (doing so places the character into its Freeze Phase; see below).
  • Back-Up: Every character card has a list of characters that can be used as "back-up." By playing a compatible card on a character already in play, the fielded character gains 300 BP. Each character can only be backed-up once.

Action Card

Action cards are played during the player phase, and carry various effects.. These cards require SP to play.

Other Terms

  • Freeze Phase: A state that characters enter after attacking, using a Square effect, or during the player phase that they are put on the field. Characters in their Freeze Phase cannot attack or defend.
  • Unite Attack: An attack where two or three characters can attack a single character. Unite 2 costs 5 SP, while Unite 3 costs 10 SP. Unlike a normal attack, if a Unite Attack defeats its defender, the remaining damage is taken from the opponent's HP.

Turn Order

  • All of the current player's characters exit Freeze Phase.
  • Player draws a card. If there are no cards left, the player loses.
  • The player may play one Character card (placing it in Freeze Phase until the end of the player's turn), any number of Action cards, or back-up currently fielded characters. The player may also activate a character's Square effect, that character entering Freeze Phase afterwards.
  • The player chooses which (if any) characters he/she wants to attack with. The opponent may then choose which characters (if any) he/she wants to defend with.
  • Battles are resolved. Both the attacker and defender deal damage equal to their respective BP, even if one or the other is destroyed. If an attack has no defender, or if a Unite Attack destroys its defender with BP to spare, the opponent's HP is reduced.
  • All attackers enter Freeze Phase.
  • The current player's turn ends.

Character Cards


BillyKimDuck KingBlue Mary
Hon FuBobYamazakiChonsu
RobertYuriTakumaMr. Karate
KingJohnLee Pai LongMr. Big
HanzoGalfordNakoruru (Chivalry/Bust)Nakoruru (Treachery/Slash)
NakoruruRimururu (Chivalry/Bust)Rimururu (Treachery/Slash)Jubei
CharlotteKyoshiroGenanTam Tam
Cham ChamGenjuroNicotineShizumaru
Shiki (Chivalry/Bust)Shiki (Treachery/Slash)AsraTaizan
AmakusaZankuroThe UmpKyo
Kyo (P)(NESTS era)BenimaruDaimonHeidern
LeonaRalfClarkAthena Asamiya
KensouChin GentsaiChangChoi
OrochiMatureViceWild Iori
Wild LeonaK'Maximakaede
(Awakened) KAEDEMoriyaAkari (Power)Akari (Speed)
MurkuroLee RekkaZantetsuShigen
KagamiHibikiSetsunaThe Wanderer
(Ponta) AkariHayateCarolRosa
Kim Su IlShishouGai (mispelled "Guy")Takato
Rob PythonEriTarmaMarco


E. HondaBlankaDhalsimZangief
BalrogVegaSagatM. Bison
Dee JayT. HawkFei-LongCammy
Cammy (Alpha)AkumaRyu (Alpha)Chun-Li (Alpha)
GenRolentoKarinR. Mika
Evil RyuDemitriMorriganMorrigan (P)("White-shirt" win pose)
J. TalbainL. RaptorVictorFelicia
JedahB. B. HoodQ. BeeLilith
HayatoBlack HayatoJuneRain
Jin SaotomeBlodiaZero AkumaLeo
KenjiTessaAl & IvanMai-Ling
(Powered) AKIRADaigoKyokoHideo
FalconAyameWang TangRyoma
RougeStrider HiryuOptionCody
HaggarDamndCaptain CommandoGinzu the Ninja
Mack the KnifeBaby HeadLeonClaire
ZombieJillMega ManRoll
RushProto ManMega Man XZero
ArthurRed ArremerLuciferRyu (Breath of Fire)
NinaMichelleSakiCyber Akuma

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