Best weapons to use.

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The best weapons that I have found to be good is using the "Rain Maker" and then the "Molten flail" if you play capture the flag and want to be a flag runner or for any other play style in CTF or game mode the squintos. You can have up two types of weapons at any given time. Anyone else like a different combo?

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I don't know if there is just one good weapon they all have good feel to them except the emp which I think is way to powerful.
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@dwej1973: You know my roommate said the same thing and I thought he was crazy because I remember when I was using it to get the achievement I just could not get a kill to save my life but I see some of the best players use it. We got in a "Bone" match last night and I was able to kill quite a few people with it but we were all clumped up trying to get the "Bone".
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I use Leeches and Squitos they do wonders

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