How's the multiplayer curve?

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For those of you fairly deep into the multiplayer, I was wondering how the other players are doing? Am I going to get demolished going into this? Or is the learning curve enough so I could get the hang of it?

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The best way to get used to the game through the multiplayer is to do team matches because they even the teams after each match. So if you in turn suck you will be put with good players and be able to start learning.

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I made it through just regular dog fight pretty fast with just squidos and the leach. Its not to hard ounce you find what weapons you like to use when your flying. And I wouldn't worry about those lvl100 around most of them are good but not that good.
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Yeah that is true though there are some people to just stay away from.  You will learn quick if it's worth staying in a match or not. I know myself despite being level 100 and high ranked on the leader boards that if a certain few are in the match I might as well leave.

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