pvtpoopy's Snoopy Flying Ace (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Very Good Aerial Shooter

This game came as a pleasant surprise.  I was always a fan of Crimson Skies and can't believe that a follow to that title has never come for this generation of consoles.   While this is not the deepest of games, it can occupy your time more than adequately.  There is a single player component that makes you complete a rather decent amount of missions that also teach you the mechanics of the game.  I think most people buy this arcade game for the multiplayer.  It has quite a few game modes to keep you busy and all seem pretty solid.   The game has fun, crisp graphics that make the world of Snoopy look as good as ever and its play controls do the job nicely.  There is a demo to try before you buy and I recommend that.   I did and it was enough for me to remember the great days of XBOX Live and Crimson Skies.  I bought it soon after.


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    I first saw this game at this year's PAXEast. The Dev or booth guy or whathaveyou was looking rather lonely. No one was playing his game; people were far too distracted by Crackdown 2 behind it, Hydro Thunder to it's left or Limbo to it's right. So, carefully sifting through the rows of waiting participants, I picked up the sticks and started a new game.   The first thing I instantly noticed was the likeness of the game's controls to Crimson Skies. Quickly flicking the right analog stick in vari...

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