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Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular is a mini-game collection with comedic takes on various sports. It was originally a game featuring the Disney character Donald Duck in its native Japan, but was changed to Charles Schulz's Peanuts due to Kemco not having the rights to publish Disney games in the US. Once those rights passed to Capcom, more Disney-themed games would appear on the system.

The goal is to successfully complete each event, occasionally while having to defeat a CPU-controlled second player - who would appear as either Spike, Snoopy's cousin, or Daisy, Donald's girlfriend, depending on which version was being played.


Sack Race - Hop down the street to the finish line while avoiding obstacles. Mt Etna is visible in the background.

Boot Throwing - Swing the boot around and around to achieve the longest distance. The Coliseum is visible in the background.

Pogo - Hop over a series of walls on a pogo stick without crashing. This event appears to take place in the Roman Forum.

Overboard - Snoopy and Spike try to knock each other off of a floating gondola into a Venice canal.

Pile of Pizza - Slowly head towards the finish line without dropping a teetering stack of pizzas. Perhaps obviously, this event occurs in Pisa.

River Jump - Charge the river Tiber and plant the vaulting pole at the right moment to make it to the other side.

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