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Snowflake was a proud and loyal Bengal Tigeress trained to perform tricks and shows held at the Yucatan Casino in Fortune City. She was trained and fed by her mentally disabled handeler Ted Smith, and the two became very close, and she became his only friend. When a man disguised as the famed motorcross superstar Chuck Greene was seen on camera sabotaging the Terror is Reality game show's zombie pens, the undead horde was unleashed and began to overtake the city. Terrified, Ted Smith began to kidnap people to keep Snowflake's supply of meat from running out so she could survive.

On the first night of the outbreak, Chuck Greene wandered into the Casino looking for survivors, where he was ambushed by Ted, and smothered into uncounciousness. When he awoke shortly later, Ted was preparing him as a meal for Snowflake, but he almost talked Ted down, convincing him they could find real meat for her, but when he asked Ted to take it "slow", he freaked out shouting that everyone always called him slow and that people were cruel. He and Snowflake quickly attacked Chuck, forcing the motocross star to kill Smith. In his dying breath, Ted dragged himself over to Snowflake, offering himself as meat for his only friend so she wouldn't go hungry.

After killing Ted, Chuck can hunt down three pieces of Steak laying around the Casino and fed them to the starving Tiger, gaining her trust and friendship. Chuck will then have the tiger as an ally against the zombies until he leads Snowflake back to the security bunker where she could hide out from the outbreak until military intervention. Snowflake can also be presented as a gift to his young daughter Katey, who kept her as a temporary pet, though he noted in his notebook that he should get some spare steak on hand just in case. After the evacuation helicopter came, Snowflake was flown out of Fortune City, but her further fate is unknown.

It is also possible for Chuck to fight and kill Snowflake, without ever gaining her trust, it can be a tough battle though if you are not a high enough level.

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