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Snuggly's nest can be found just outside the Undead Asylum. When returning from Firelink Shrine, follow the path back to the room where the Asylum Demon was defeated. Snuggly's nest is on the left, at the end of a small ledge. Snuggly cannot actually be seen, but can be heard speaking to the player when approaching the nest.

Snuggly asks the player to give her warm" and "soft", and can be used to trade items. The item to be traded must be dropped in the nest itself for the trade to take place. To receive the trade, quit the game and reload the save. The item traded for should be in the center of the nest, on top of the two blue eggs. Items may only be traded for once per playthrough.

Item DroppedItem Received
Ascended Pyromancy Flame +0Red Titanite Slab
Bloodred Moss ClumpTwinkling Titanite
Blooming Purple Moss ClumpTwinkling Titanite (2)
Cracked Red Eye OrbPurging Stone (2)
Dung PieDemon Titanite
Egg VermifugeDragon Scale
HumanityRing of Sacrifice
PendantSouvenir of Reprisal
Prism StoneDemon Titanite
Purple Moss ClumpTwinkling Titanite
Pyromancy FlameRed Titanite Chunk
RubbishTitanite Chunk
Ring of the Sun PrincessDivine Blessing (2)
SackDemon's Great Hammer
Skull LanternRing of Fog
Soul of ManusPursuers
Sunlight MaggotOld Witch's Ring
Sunlight MedalWhite Titanite Chunk
Twin HumanitiesRare Ring of Sacrifice
Xanthous CrownRing of Favor and Protection

A crow named Sparkly appeared in Demon's Souls, who would also trade items with the player. Snuggly is most likely an homage to Dark Soul's spiritual predecessor.

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