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the pinnacle of console multiplayer gaming 0

When I say that Socom 2's multiplayer is the best we've ever seen on a console, know that I currently play call of duty 4, and Halo 3, and love them both.  they're amazing. ...but on a level of small team strategy and tactics, they come short to the experience found in S2.  the game simply found the perfect balance between aiming skills and strategy.You could play this game every night for hours and never get bored.  always finding new situations, approaching each match differently....

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SOCOM is a competitive shooter everyone should play 0

This game is a follow up to the revolutionary SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, and follows in its foot steps very well. It plays just as smooth and a little better with sharp visuals, but not the best. The character movement is also really well done making it very accessible. It is played from a third person perspective, giving you a choice to zoom in to first person ,or use a scope just like the first game in the series. All the guns reoccur in this game as well as new guns. Your aim retical is still di...

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Multiplayer does not get much better than SOCOM 2 2

While SOCOM 2 does have a solid single player campaign the bread and butter of the game resides in its multi player content.  The campaign of SOCOM 2 is pretty much your generic team based tactical shooter.   You lead a team of Navy Seals on various missions such as extracting an informant trapped behind enemy lines.   The missions are pretty bland and not all to fun.  If you are looking for a good single player game you might want to look somewhere else.Now the multilayer is the reason to buy a...

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A role model for online FPS 0

If you had a PS2, broadband connection, a network adapter and any self-worth in you at all, you had this game and you loved it!SOCOM II made what tactical online shooters should be today; a wide selection of weaponry, decent camouflage, thermal scopes, clan pages and victory dances were all here. The maps were filled with open spaces, sniper's nests, tunnels, hills and almost any tactical situations you would want. The only downside to this game was joining late, the community was religious and ...

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