Are you looking for a group of guys to play with?

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Hey guys, 
Our clan, if you want to call it that, is just looking for more guys to get on PSN with and play online.

We definitely play Socom the most, and would be looking for anybody who would like to join up with or us or simply play online together. We also play MW2 occasionally as well as MLB The Show, and NHL 10. I just picked up MAG as well. If we were to get enough people, we would definitely enjoy having a clan war or two as well on Socom.

Anyway, we're a group of older guys, whos numbers have dwindled over the years and we'd like to find some more decent people to play online with. The "Socom 2 era" was definitely are glory days.

If it sounds like something that might be relatively entertaining to you, feel free to check out our boards and register.
Thanks and see ya soon!

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yo. I am in a clan but hit me up and maybe we can war or something. I actually just started playing socom again after a few month break. I also have mag but no one on my friends list has it. also yo check me out I totally edited this page! I am a top editor! i didn't even realize that! 

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hi....i'm looking for guys that would like to join me to create a group for

       ...anyone could help?

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