Does this game work now?

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I saw this game at eb, for a good price I might add, and hesitated remembering that Jeff couldn't even review it due to all the problems. So my main question is does this game have any game crashing bugs or anything that is really annoying? I've played Socom on the psp so I'm used to some glitches here and there but does this game have frequent online updates, good community, and no bad bugs as of now?

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its been working smooth ever since about 2 weeks post-launch. They've updated it a lot now. But they are pretty slow at it. Doesn't tke away from the fact that 

Its a great game. 
Its very popular online still (it IS Socom afterall)
Everyone uses mics. (i mean EVERYONE! they will kick you out half the time if you arent using one)
Its very competitive and serious- no assholes dickin around like in halo. 
there are a few problems here and there, but nothing you'll notice a lot of or maybe only run into one or never. Framerate is nice and smooth now. 
There is a bigass update coming out soon adding a ton of features (albeit most of which were in the games manual when it launched) and lot of fixes. 
And there are new maps coming soon as well. 
Actually, if you go to and read their review- they actually updated their original review after the game was patched because it launched with so many problems. Its too bad nobody else was willing to do the same. 
Also, the game isn't the most next-gen looking- but it still looks great to me (screen shots never do it justice), but the audio is outstanding. They do some awesome things with the voice chat for instance. 

I would recommend it to anyone, and if you want to play add me as a friend. 
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@TwoOneFive: Thank you very much, for $20 this game sounds like a steal. Add me on psn if you want, RE_Player is my psn name.
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go to know, i'll read the updated 1up review soon, but I just bought the game because I found it used for 35$ (with headset)  
and they had a 2nd game half off deal so I also got Saint's Row 2 (ended up being 12.50$ !!!) 
I'm a fairly new PS3 owner, feel free to add me to your friends list if you are in the same boat and share some of the game that I have 
PSN ID                                           CharleyTony 
Xbox Live Gamertag                   CharleyTony
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the game works the way it should have at release, and better now. They just released a new update, plus a new DLC called Coldfront.  
lots of changes made, new features, a weapon perk experience/perk system, matchmaking etc etc new special forces and weapons and new weapon attachments (thermal, looks awesome) etc. more clan support. list goes on and on. the game is still VERY popular online by the way. the trid and true Socom formula still works wonderfully, this game is highly addictive and the "community" is great, just remember to join a clan and ALWAYS wear your mic. 

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i only ever played the beta and my god that game needed a lot of work! Glad to see they finally finished it =P

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