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its good when its not lagging.

Well this game is good when its not lagging. Unlike the other installments that had a solid release and not laggy when launched or less laggy. When you get into a game that is not laggy it really shines. the game is stellar and you can see how the first 2 installments sold the ps2. Its cqc fun like all other installments with the exception of 3 and ca. This game feels like the old games which the “vets” as they call themselves will love. Yes it is a multiplayer only but that shouldn't stop you from buying this its one of the games that you should get if you like third person shooters and tactical games like gears or graw.


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    Yes, I'm afraid to say it, the latest game in the tactical shooter series SOCOM has got a lot of problems. I am reviewing this game after its initial technical fiasco, where the online was not working properly. Well now, it works, I'm not getting any lag at all, which is good. But, the game behind all this is just complete garbage. The controls in this game really do make me mad. Why can't I change them? R2 to run? What were they thinking? No button to snap to cover? It's all very strange for a ...

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