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The Soda Popper is a primary weapon for the Scout class in Team Fortress 2. The appearance suggests that it is a broken Force-a-Nature with a can of Crit-a-Cola strapped below it by the black bands around the weapon. The Soda Popper generates Hype as the player moves. When the Hype meter is filled, the weapon will deal mini-crit damage with both of the shots it will fire. The Hype meter takes approximately 13 seconds of constant movement to fill, but once it is filled the mini-crits can prove devastating against targets.
Without the Hype meter being filled, the Force-a-Nature is the stronger weapon, but if the player can continuously move the Soda Popper proves more damaging at its effective ranges. The weapon can be found randomly during gameplay, or it can be purchased from the Mann Co. Store. Mann Co. Series #33 Crates can also contain the weapon in Strange quality, though the crates may contain other weapons instead. Crafting the Soda Popper requires Reclaimed Metal, a Bonk! Atomic Punch, and a Force-a-Nature. The weapon makes up part of the Scout's 'The #1 Fan' gear, along with the Winger, Atomizer, and Bonk Boy
The Soda Popper offers a 25% faster reload speed and 50% faster firing speed than the default Scattergun, though with a 60% smaller clip and no random criticals.

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