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A Narrow Focus Done Well 0

Time to Finish: 4 hrs.Length of Last Mission: 30 min.What I'd Pay: $10Steam Price (1/27/12): $10The most unique thing about Sol: Exodus is that it exists. Halfway through, I felt it was bare bones, but when I tried to think of a title to compare it to, I had to go all the way back to TIE Fighter. How long has that been? Whoa, 18 years... I need something more recent. Freelancer, perhaps? Wait, that was 9 years ago... There had to be a more recent popular space combat sim, like uh... um...That's ...

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SOL: Exodus Review – The Unfulfilled Void of Space 0

(This is a review I did for - space combat genre is not an overly crowded scene. In fact, it is haunted by a few great games of the past while we, stuck in the present, have to contend with mediocre games that try to capture the nostalgia of Freespace or X-wing vs. Tie Fighter. I am a fan of flying around in space while maintaining my ship’s speed and shields, and, unfortunately,Sol: Exodus does n...

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