Has anyone picked this up yet?

#1 Posted by emem (2047 posts) -

I saw this game/simulation thingy on Steam yesterday and thought it looked pretty nice.. is it worth getting?

#2 Posted by Marz (5703 posts) -

play the demo.

#3 Posted by Capt_Ventris (630 posts) -

For 8.99 give it a go. Looks kind of cool

#4 Posted by emem (2047 posts) -
@Marz: Oh, didn't even realise there's a demo. 
@Capt_Ventris: Well, for 8.99 you can get really great games on steam, gonna try the demo first. ;)
#5 Posted by Theavy (92 posts) -

I bought it today, played through it twice in 1 hour and 25 mins. Its pretty fun but I wanted more from the game, I'd be cool if they updated it or made it modible

#6 Posted by DeeGee (2172 posts) -

I want it, but even though it's only £6, it doesn't look worth that. I got Saints Row 2 for £5, so I have high standards for low priced games, I guess.

#7 Posted by Subjugation (4782 posts) -

I got it and went through a complete game in about 2 hours. It's kind of neat I guess. There is certainly room for improvement though, possibly adding more missions or features would be a good start. The gravity can be kind of fickle at times too when you are trying to get things to orbit.

#8 Posted by avidwriter (670 posts) -

Really 2 hours? Whats a complete game though? The QL made it seem like it was maybe endless?

#9 Posted by SSully (4638 posts) -

Sounds like this is more worth 10 bucks. I got the misadventures of PB Winterbottom for 5 bucks and beat it in about 2 hours. I think this game sounds like it should be in a similar price range.

#10 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5275 posts) -

After watching the QL, I just want to make big ass solar systems and wreck shit.

#11 Edited by HistoryInRust (6579 posts) -

@avidwriter said:

Really 2 hours? Whats a complete game though? The QL made it seem like it was maybe endless?

Nah, it's not endless. After you gain a certain amount of mass you become a black hole, at which point the lone thing you have to do is devour the entirety of the universe you're in, effectively creating a "Big Crunch"/"Big Bang" scenario.

#12 Posted by umdesch4 (787 posts) -

Funny thing is, my first playthrough last night, I just wanted to see what the black hole was like, so I just pushed hard to get there, and I think I hit the "big crunch" in under 1/2 hour. I gotta play it again and try to build systems. I was having a bit of fun as a planet with a force that started kicking some ass once I got up around 100 kills. I tried a couple missions, and they seem pretty interesting. Enough to make this game worth playing at least a handful of times.

I think I saw some binary star systems when I was flying around. How do you accomplish that? It doesn't seem like you can attract other stars when you're a star, but maybe I just wasn't flying at them right. Or do you have to build up one of the planets in your orbit until it becomes a star?

As simple as this game is, I think I need to go look for a FAQ or strategy guide! :P

#13 Posted by umdesch4 (787 posts) -

Played it some more just now, and managed to get a system with a large star, three mid-sized stars, and 10 planets, 6 of which had life. I just kept getting my planets to absorb more mass, and 3 of them turned into stars in quick succession. Then it seems that the smallest star in the group gets the mass added to it when you absorb a planet, so I just kept doing that for a while. Pretty neat floating around with a quad-star system...at least until you reach a certain threshold and black holes start showing up, and you promptly get sucked into one. :P

#14 Posted by Althox (319 posts) -

Am in love with it. It can be hard and a bit tricky some times, which just adds to the experience. Definitely a game worth playing casually.

#15 Posted by HistoryInRust (6579 posts) -

@umdesch4: I was wondering if Black Holes ever appeared on their own. Only time I've seen them is when I've been a Black Hole myself.

#16 Posted by umdesch4 (787 posts) -

@Sir_Ragnarok: Yup, I got eaten by one in my quad-system configuration. At first, I was oddly getting pulled off course, and I started seeing other systems sweeping across my screen in arcs. One fatal change in direction later, wham! Straight into a black hole. I guess I was messing around too long, and a black hole spontaneously evolved or something.

#17 Posted by Shmio (25 posts) -

@Althox: Couldn't agree more. When you want to just lounge back in your chair and throw on some tunes and kick it with the arrow keys...this is your game.

#18 Posted by supermike6 (3761 posts) -

Game's sick as hell.

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