Anybody else buy this on impulse and regret it?

#1 Posted by allenibrahim (374 posts) -

So...I think Jeff Minter is awesome. So, when I saw TouchArcade post a story about this game coming out, I immediately bought it. To my dismay, it is only compatible on 3G iTouches and up. I have a 2G. Fortunately, it was only a dollar. Now I'm considering getting a Verizon iPhone partly just to play this... 
Anyone else make the same mistake?

#2 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -

No, but I'll check it out since I DO have an iPhone 4. Mwaaahahahahaha.

#3 Posted by ShaunassNZ (2128 posts) -

I'm going to check it out because I haz iPhone 4.

#4 Posted by RichieJohn (527 posts) -

same here but my ipod warned me about it before any money was spent.
I really need to update! All the Cave games, Infinity Blade and this...
Could be worth it.

#5 Posted by allenibrahim (374 posts) -
@BristolRICH: Mine normally does, but I bought it from iTunes and iTunes doesn't know about those things...

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