Solatorobo: Red the Hunter - European Release

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It appears that the spiritual successor to Tail Concerto will be getting a release in Europe later this year, Namco Bandai have trademarked "Solatorobo: Red Hunter" for DS in Europe. 

Solarobo is set on the floating island world of the Shepherd Republic. The island has two races, the Inubito and the Nekobito. These names roughly translate as "Dog People" and "Cat People". You'll play the game as Red Savarin, a 17-year-old Inubito (Doggy kind). The story starts when Red meets Ell Melizee, a mysterious Nekobito (Kitty kind). Red and his younger sister, the 13-year-old "Chocolat Gelato", travel together on the adventure, but Red also has a Mech called Dahak-AZ103 to accompany him, as he explores the game's many towns and dungeons. While riding a top your trusty Mech Dehak, players can grab enemies, pick up crates, catch and toss back missiles at enemies, and throw treasure boxes against walls  to break them. On occasion you'll be forced to leave the protection of your Mech Dehak and explore on foot. but that's no big deal because Red is more than capable on his own. Red the hunter can break objects, climb ladders, control switches, swim, and also battle with enemies using a combination of his gun and sword.
Famitsu Magazine gave the game:  9/8/8/8 - 33/40. The game was also very well received by the Japanese audience.    
  • Title: Solarobo: Red the Hunter
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Release Date: 2011    


  • Executive Director – Hiroshi Matsuyama (CC2 President)
  • Director – Takayuki Isobe (Tail Concerto)
  • Main Visual, Character Design – Nobuteru Yuki (Tail Concerto)
  • Mechanical Illustration – Yoshitake Taniguchi (SRW)
  • Opening Animation Director: Yoshiki Yamakawa (Hell’s Angels)
  • Opening Animation Production: Madhouse    

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