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Dive into uncharted waters and discover a whole new solitaire game. Play Solitaire Blitz™ free on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures free on Facebook.

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Solitaire Blitz is a fast-paced puzzle game that uses the free-to-play model. Players are given energy at regular intervals in order to be able to play rounds of the game, and can earn through play or purchase credits in the form of silver, which can be used to purchase energy, upgrades, and cosmetic changes through an in-game store.

Solitaire Blitz Vs. Solitaire Blitz:Lost Treasures

In the Facebook version of Solitaire Blitz, subtitled "Lost Treasures", PopCap has integrated social elements, a quest mechanic, and story-based levels. Players still expend energy to play rounds, earn or buy silver, and make in-game purchases. In addition, each round played offers the opportunity to acquire quest items, and after a certain number of quests are completed, the Player moves to the next level, which requires silver or friend-sharing to open up the next set of quests.


The core mechanic of Solitaire Blitz and Lost Treasures is a common twist on the traditional solitaire mechanic.

Traditional Solitaire

In traditional solitaire, the Player lays out 7 columns of cards, with the top card face up on each of the 7 columns. The Player then moves the face-up cards on top of one another according to the following rules:

  1. The card must be 1 unit lower than the card above it, with King being highest, and Ace being lowest.
  2. The card must be of an alternating color from the card above it.

When a card is moved from one column to another based on these rules, the top face-down card in the exposed column is flipped over and enters play. Entire groups of sequential cards may be moved to another column if the highest card meets the requirements above for the column to which the group is moving. Aces are moved to one of 4 new columns above the normal play field, and the rules are modified for cards being transferred to these "winning" columns:

  1. The card must be from the same suit as the ace (or card before it).
  2. The card must be 1 unit higher than the card before it.

When no legal moves are available on the play field, the Player takes the top card from the deck of remaining cards, flips it face up, and can use it in the play field according to either set of rules defined above. There are variations and more rules to the game, but this is the core mechanic.

The goal is to get all cards from the 4 suits into the 4 winning columns above. There is usually no time restriction for play.

Solitaire Blitz

In Solitaire Blitz, several mechanics are stripped down to make the game faster and easier. Up to 3 upgrades, or "Boosts", may also be used, which affect various aspects of the gameplay.

  1. There is a countdown timer.
  2. There is no "winning" column. Instead there are 1-3 "goal" stacks.
  3. Face-up cards at the top of each column do not move onto each other; instead, they go directly to the top of the "goal" stacks. The next exposed face-down card is then flipped face up and enters play.
  4. Any color or suit requirements are dropped.
  5. Cards played can either be 1 unit higher or 1 unit lower than the card in the "goal" stack.
  6. When no legal moves are available, the cards in the "goal" stacks are replaced by cards from the remainder deck. This occurs until a legal move is available.
  7. Play continues until:
    1. All cards in the 7 columns are exposed, flipped face up, and added to the "goal" stack.
    2. The Player runs out of time.
    3. All cards in the remainder deck are used, and no legal moves are available.

Rewards are given at the end of the round regardless of how the round ends. Players earn more rewards (usually silver) for eliminating entire columns of cards. Players earn points finishing quickly, using fewer remainder cards, and "runs" which involve moving as many cards to the "goal" stack as possible before flipping remainder cards.

In Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures, Players can earn quest items in lieu of generic rewards for eliminating columns of cards. Quest items typically are worth more silver, and they also fulfill a requirement for completing a quest, which moves the player towards finishing a level in the Facebook game. Completing a quest results in special rewards in addition to silver, which range from free items from the store to cosmetic changes like new deck designs. Players may also share energy and rewards, or "duel" each other.


Solitaire Blitz offers upgrades in the form of Boosts, which can either be purchased with money, or via in-game credits, called Silver. The player can choose to buy Boosts directly via the store as "Boost Packs", or before each round using Silver.

The store contains the following items:

Silver44,000 Silver$2.50Use silver to purchase boosts

Silver92,000 Silver$4.90Use silver to purchase boosts

Silver200,000 Silver$9.90Use silver to purchase boosts
Silver415,000 Silver$19.80Use silver to purchase boosts
Silver1,100,000 Silver$49.60Use silver to purchase boosts
Silver2,200,000 Silver$96.00Use silver to purchase boosts
Energy10 Energy$4.30Use energy to play rounds of Solitaire Blitz

Energy20 Energy$7.90Use energy to play rounds of Solitaire Blitz

Energy40 Energy$14.90Use energy to play rounds of Solitaire Blitz

Energy80 Energy$28.60Use energy to play rounds of Solitaire Blitz

Energy160 Energy$54.90Use energy to play rounds of Solitaire Blitz

Energy320 Energy$100.50Use energy to play rounds of Solitaire Blitz

Boost Spyglass



Tells you when to draw from the deck

BoostRun Finder



Flips cards face up if they're in a run
BoostDepth Charges



Explodes stacks of cards




Explodes a row of cards
BoostBonus Fish



Starts your score multiplier at x2
BoostTempest in a Teacup



Scrambles the cards into new, even stacks
DeckCuddle Up Kitty$1.00Deck graphic
DeckPacifier Puppy$1.00Deck graphic
DeckLeopard Love$1.00Deck graphic
DeckPeace Bonsai$4.90Deck graphic
DeckKitchen Bouquet$0.50Deck graphic
DeckStack o' Flapjacks$1.00Deck graphic
DeckEye of Truth$9.90Deck graphic
DeckTeal Octo$19.90Deck graphic
DeckPrincess Kitty$29.90Deck graphic
DeckSimone's Aria$1.90Deck graphic
DeckCharlie$1.00Deck graphic
DeckSpring Chicks$9.90Deck graphic
DeckTribal Darkness$4.90Deck graphic
DeckGuardian Serpent$9.90Deck graphic
DeckGrandpa's Navy Tat$4.90Deck graphic
DeckCourage$9.90Deck graphic
DeckHotdog King$4.90Deck graphic
DeckBaby Hedgehog$4.90Deck graphic

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