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Seal of Solitude

Solitude is the capital of Skyrim and was the home of the 'current' King until his murder, now his wife sits atop the throne, of the Blue Palace, awaiting her fate.

Solitude was once the home the now infamous Wolf Queen Potema, and the well known Emperor Pelagius Septim III, other wise known as Pelagius the Mad; amongst various other Kings and Queens.

Over the years it has become one of the wealthiest places in Skyrim due to it's location and port.

Shops & Inns

The Winking Skeever

The only Inn in Solitude. The Winking Skeever is likely to be one of the first buildings the player can see when entering Solitude, being the first building on the left.

Bits and Pieces

The city's general store where one may sell anything and everything.

Angeline's Aromatics

The city's alchemy store where the player may buy (or steal) various ingredients, potions and books.


A store that deals in bows and arrows. It is up the ramp on the way to Castle Dour.

Solitude Blacksmith

The city's blacksmith is located next to Fletcher.

Radiant Raiment

A clothing store located near The Winking Skeever and Bits and Pieces. Despite only selling clothing and not armour, there a clothes sold in store that may have attached enchantments, making it a useful place to look if one is looking for a certain enchantment. A miscellaneous quest where the player models clothes for the store in front of the Jarl may be started here.


The Bard's College

Solitude is home to only one guild and that is the Bard's College. The College itself is located on the road leading up to Castle Dour. When talking to a bard in one of the inns around Skyrim they may direct you to The College if you wish to learn more about the arts of merrymaking and serenading.

The Dark Brotherhood

While there is no sanctuary in Solitude the climax of the story brings you here to take on the Brotherhood's most prominent target in over one hundred years: The Emperor of Tamriel.

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