Solomon's Key was my first videogame on a console... anyone else?

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My first games were technically King's Quest and Space Quest series games, if sitting and watching my dad type in commands counts.  I got a NES for Christmas one year, and although it came with the ubiquitous Super Mario, my dad sat me down with Solomon's Key first, because it was a puzzle game, and therefore in some way 'good' for me.

Anyone else play this one early for similar reasons, or had parents push any puzzle game on them for that reason?

I'm not sorry, by the way. I love Solomon's Key.
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Not mine mate, but I do regard the game very highly. I had a copy back in the day and loved it despite it's difficulty.  
I'm playing it right now, I downloaded it earlier off the Virtual console. The music is bringing on all the memories of me sitting in my bedroom in the dark, cursing away lol.  
DL it if you have a Wii.

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I never owned it, but I remember renting it at some point. Check out Escape Goat, it's a sorta modern day Solomon's Key.

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Nope. Pitfall for the Atari was mine. I was obsessed, as obsessed as a 4yr old can be (pretty sure it was actually just one day), with making the jump over that scorpion in the pit.

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