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Son Goku is a half-man, half-monkey character from Saiyuki: Journey West. He first appears trapped in a rock but is shortly freed by the monk Sanzo. Goku has no shortage of confidence, quick to pick fights, and can be mischievous at times. In the past he once tried to invade heaven. After defeating all the guardians he lost to Buddha and was imprisoned for 500 years in a rock. One of the conditions for Goku being released is to help Sanzo in his journey to India, which he is grudgingly forced to cooperate due to a spell on his gold headpiece. He can't remove it, and with a certain phrase it will apply painful pressure to his head. Even if he doesn't want to be on the journey, he has no trouble trying to make the most of it.


Goku is aligned with the element of fire and has well rounded stats. He starts with a fire spell and his staff weapon can be upgraded in towns throughout the game. One of his special abilities is a cloud he can use to ride around on and quickly move across the map or reach high ground. His wereform is the Great Ape and once he transforms he has access to more powerful fire spells and greater physical attack power. Like all wereforms, transforming causes an area attack that does light damage to nearby enemies. Unlike Sanzo's Guardian abilities, his wereform is dependent on a special gauge in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

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