SA2 Confirmed for PSN and XBLA

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-Buys Sonic Adventure 2-

-Remember it wasn't that good-

-Goes into options mode-

-Goes into sound test-

-Listens to the Knuckles raps alone-

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SA2 was the game that started the trend of Sonic games being utterly terrible.

Arguably the first Sonic Adventure did, but I think that one at least had some redeeming features.

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I actually really enjoyed that game back on the Gamecube :)

What do you guys think, 800 mp price tag?

Edit: Also, what's the difference between Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

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Trust me and we will escape from the city

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If it still includes those terrible gem hunt levels with Knuckles and Rouge, then no sale.

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I already know I don't like this game anymore because I bought a used GameCube copy and replayed some of it about a year ago, but I'm still going to buy this for some reason. At the very least the soundtrack is fantastic.

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@Hailinel said:

If it still includes those terrible gem hunt levels with Knuckles and Rouge, then no sale.

Who doesn't want to this on a 40 minute loop?

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I think I will just backup my gamecube copy and play it in 1080p on the Dolphin emulator.

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I played it a 2 years ago on the dolphin emulator and man, I think the Sonic and Shadow gameplay and levels are kickass still.

Also a fantastic soundtrack!

Can you feel live moving through your mind...

edit: Fuck why can't I just use effing BB code on these f**king forums.

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@DonChipotle said:

Trust me and we will escape from the city

@Serpentenema said:

-Goes into sound test-

-Listens to the Knuckles raps alone-

Oh god, the music in this game was so awful. My 8 year old self loved it though. Whatever, I kind of still like it.

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Sonic Adventure 2 was still pretty good to me. Maybe not the emerald hunting levels, but the rest of the game was great. Fucking loved Green Forest.

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As the first game I ever owned for the Gamecube, I played hell of Sonic Adventure 2. It probably hasn't held up from when my 9 year old self played it. The treasure hunting levels were bad to begin with, so I can't imagine how they would feel now. Also I remember the camera being a horrible nightmare and the soundtrack being hilarious in its badness.

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Yeah I bought it yesterday and spent all night downloading it (it was 3 gigs but I wanted to sleep) onto my PS3.

The "Battle" portion of it that was the upgraded port of Sonic Adventure 2 on the Gamecube is for DLC I believe it was like $3.

(It still does have the 2P vs mode SA2B had just improved the 2P portio and other things like graphics and such.)

The game itself was $9.99 (Not sure what that is in Microsoft Points sorry!)

I played it this morning and I still love it, but I also realized how cheesy it was xD. I still love the game.

Sonic Adventure 2 and I believe Nights: Into Dreams were both released on October 2. Part of Sega's Heritage Collection with Jet Set Radio being released earlier on PSN and Xbox Live.

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I loved this game as a kid but I've got enough sense to know that I won't like it now.

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@Xomero said:

(It still does have the 2P vs mode SA2B had just improved the 2P portio and other things like graphics and such.)

How has the 2P stuff been changed/improved exactly?

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Well when Sonic Adventure 2 was just released certain characters had to be unlocked as well as some (Chaos for example) had the same stats as one of the main character (In this case Rouge).

In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Chaos was given his own stats, Metal Sonic had his abilities removed and was just given a shield seeing as how fast he could race down a course, you were given the ability to alter match settings (in Sonic Adventure 2 you had to play 3 stages in a row), each character had their own special abilities, replaced Big with Dark Chao, and added more stages to the multiplayer.

Edit: Or wait did you mean from the DC/NGC version to the PS3/Xbox one? I just listed how it was changed from SA2 to SA2B.

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@Xomero: I played the GC version of the game, I was wondering if there were any differences between that and the PS3 version. Still, I don't remember there being a Dark Chao in the multiplayer of that game... I think?

EDIT: I just remembered it. Chaos with giant robots. That's cool.

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There is, it's in the fighting part when you get to pick between Tails and Eggman. Super Giant Robots fighting and what not. Chao and Dark Chao fight in like giant robot versions of themselves. I only got to play up to Green Forest of the Hero Side since I had to go to school. The menu looked the same I briefly looked at 2P screen. There's a Downloadable Content menu which of course wasn't there before. I don't have the DLC so I'm assuming I'm playing it as if it was on the Dreamcast.

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