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Sonic the Great

I grew up playing sonic adventure for the dreamcast and i have to say its a great game. Even to this date i am a huge fan of  Sonic adventure and sonic adventure 2. One of the greatest features of this game is the chaos.You can raise them to be evil or good and  when  you do u unlock  chao heaven and chao hell. Another good feature about the the sonic adventure games is Dr eggman and his evil schemes,like shadow.


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    by far the best 3D sonic game... ever. 0

    I would like to say that this was one of the very first games that I played, when i was about  7 or 8, and I am 14 now.and i still remember it fondly. This is effectively the game that turned me in to a gamer.The basic story line of  Sonic Adventure is that once again the infamous Dr. Robotnik is trying to do something bad and Sonic and the gang have to stop him, this time he is trying to collect all of the sought after  "chaos emeralds" so that his pet liquid monster type thing, can become even...

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