Everyone's favorite Sega character, Danica Patrick!

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I personally liked the original Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed and still am quite pumped for Transformed.

That doesn't however make me any less confused about why Danica Patrick is a character in the game. Sure, guest characters in games are fine. In fact, Banjo was an exclusive Xbox character in the first one. Wreck-it-Ralph was announced for Transformed recently as well. Banjo is a well known video game character, so he makes sense. Wreck-it-Ralph had it's fair share of Sonic and Eggman in it, so he's fine too. Either way I'm still confused about Danica.

Sega released a trailer and she's driving a weird green car with a ton of branding all over it, most notably the hot wheels logo. So I thought maybe Sega is trying to create awareness for some new Hot Wheels game they're making. That is not the case. So maybe Matel (The creators of Hot Wheels toys) are making a line of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed cars?

No, they aren't. They're making Danica's in game car the "Danicar" available at select retailers though... Also I guess she's going to be driving a car to advertise this game? It's all just really odd.

Apparently there is a third guest character that Sega has yet to unveil. Perhaps we'll get another open wheel racing enthusiast? This just seems like an odd partnership and I thought I would come share my confusion with you all.

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Danica, can we get one more take? No, ok, that's good.

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Will the third guest character be Earnhardt Jr.?

EDIT: Also:

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Transforming cars in a Kart racer isn't a new idea.

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At least she's a driver of cars.

And not a porn star.

Maybe that would have been better.

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It is an odd choice, but I'm sure I'll love the game just the same. The first one was a great racer.

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@believer258: Diddy Kong Racing did the same thing as well. Maybe he'll be in the Wii-U version. That would be cool.

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Bad driver in a bad karting game, sounds like a perfect match.

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@drac96 said:

@believer258: Diddy Kong Racing did the same thing as well. Maybe he'll be in the Wii-U version. That would be cool.

Did the cars transform in Diddy Kong racing? I think not!

Wait, isn't Danica in Nascar? I'm pretty sure she doesn't race in the 6 wheeled formula one league.

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@ma_rc_01: You have me there. I stand by my comment though. It would be cool if he was in the Wii-U version.

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why is she driving an f1 car and not a nascar car?

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@Kidavenger said:

Bad driver in a bad karting game, sounds like a perfect match.

Considering the previous game was better than most karting games out there, including Nintendo's own Mario Kart 7, I wouldn't think this one wouldn't be at least comparable.

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