Nvidia Issues with a laptop with dedicated graphics

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So, I had this issue with the demo for Sonic Generations on Steam. No matter what I did, tried some crazy guides to try and get my dedicated card to be used, the game always used the integrated graphics.

Gave up on it and forgot about, now I've just fired up Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. Was playing a quick race and I was thinking it was running rather slow, so I checked the launcher. Same issue.

It just wont see that I have a much better graphics card in the machine at all. Anyone else had the issue?

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Go to the NVidia Control Panel and under Manage 3D settings change the Preferred graphics processor to High-performance NVIDIA processor.

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@Morello: I've got it set in there to do that, the same with the sonic demo. I even tried just right clicking on the executable and selecting run with graphics processor -> High-performance NVIDIA processor(which is set to default anyway)

It's mental I can run games fine on this, but Sonic Generations and this run crappy

Update: I connected the laptop to my tv through HDMI and it ran with the correct graphics card but every now and then the display would cut out for 2-3 seconds. I thought I was past this issue(Had it a while ago and it stopped doing it)

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