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The decline continues 0

From videogame icon to faltering, gimmicky, uninspired mess; Sonic has had it rough since the jump to 3D. He’s got his head in the gutter, disgraced, with few fans left - it doesn’t look good. The last iteration, Sonic: Unleashed, provided a glimse of hope in these dark days with its day sections offering everything Sonic should be; fast and exciting - an exhilarating thrill ride, to say the least. But when the sun went down the werehog cropped up and ruined everything with its clunky combat and...

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The Knight of the Wind's Kingdom is Subpar at best 2

MSonic and the Black Knight continues the adventures of the Blue Blur and his romps throughout classic stories. Here I will talk about the main game and bonus content in deph since I can't find anyone who will fucking play multiplayer with me.Story: Nothing too fancy. Sonic is summoned by a wizard woman named Merlina to defeat the infamous Black Knight, who happens to actualy be King Arthur, corrupted by the power of immortality. Sonic sets off to find the Sword in the Stone, Caliburn, and defea...

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Sonic and the Black Knight Review 0

Sonic has never been the same since his glory days back on the Sega console., but in an attempt to keep the once mighty hero from obscurity SEGA has been more than happy to throw him into anything that will take him. So you have Sonic who is summon to Camelot by Merlina, and it is his task to defeat the once good now evil king Arthur. You will be going through a number of different locals spending most of your time sprinting and swinging your sword. Your sword is the only sword that could hope t...

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How can Sonic have a sword...and still be in a good game? 0

I see that most people don't like this game. I do. The game has three settings for gameplay. One that focuses on speed, one that focuses on attacking, and one that's in between. The best setting in my opinion is the one in between. The gameplay is simple. You're Sonic, you slash with a sword, and, sometimes, you help villagers by giving them rings. You slash the sword with the Wii Remote's waggle. That sounds bad in the beginning, but it works out well in the end. You can also use a homing attac...

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