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The Knight of the Wind's Kingdom is Subpar at best

MSonic and the Black Knight continues the adventures of the Blue Blur and his romps throughout classic stories. Here I will talk about the main game and bonus content in deph since I can't find anyone who will fucking play multiplayer with me.

Story: Nothing too fancy. Sonic is summoned by a wizard woman named Merlina to defeat the infamous Black Knight, who happens to actualy be King Arthur, corrupted by the power of immortality. Sonic sets off to find the Sword in the Stone, Caliburn, and defeat the Knights of the Round Table, Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival, played by Shadow, Knuckles and Blaze respectively.

-Concept:(How good the idea sounds)
This had alot of potential. Sonic with a sword may sound out of place atfirst, but it sort of fits. Sonic himself has three different styles. Knight, which is the standard, balanced style. Cavalier, which relies on his speed. And Paladin, which focuses on his strength. The point scoring system for each level is based off the Code of Chivalry from days of old, where you gain or lose points varying on how you attack. Your proficiency is measured in how well you do in levels on a 1 to 5 star rating, and your rank, independent of Proficiency, is measured by Followers. You can also gain titles for doing certain things repeatedly, like defeating enemies in few hits and destroying alot of objects. The Soul Gauge returns, allowing you to perform a slowmo event crucial to success against bosses called Soul Surge. While you can slash at enemies wildly with this, it helps more to get a pattern down, helped by your sword glowing at the right time to attack. You can also block attacks, where good timing will fill the Soul Gauge slightly. You can also find items in missions ranging from random trinkets and bonus content to equippable items to ingredients for weapons for three characters you get later.

-Reality:(How it ended up)
This ended up somewhat decent. The Controls don't have the same problems as Secret Rings in that the homing attack is more accurate, but doesn't do anything against most enemies, and you can move forward and backward freely without Sonic blasting off against your will. Instead, the most glaring problem is the sensetivity to Wii Remote swings. If you even twitch the remote, he swings, sometimes going into half a combo from one swing. This is horrendus in Soul Surge, where it becomes insane to time slashes correctly in some points. The missions needed to advance the story, luckily, don't make you suffer for this thanks to their low difficulty. The bosses are insanely hard, decently challenging or insanely easy once you go about it in a different way. Four of them can be beaten in under a minute, three by just swinging until their defeat animation plays with the occasional dodge. The messages for unlocking bonus content aren't as annoying as they were in Secret Rings. The content iself ranges from concept art, fanart gallaries, music, and achievments. The game is short if you only play plot progression missions, and easily beatable within a day.

Music: The music composed specifically for this game is incredible. Crush 40 return to performing not only the main theme, but two of the boss themes. They've also reused some of the older tracks from previous games, such as Vela Nova and Egg Fleet. Other than the slight unoriginality of such, this soundtrack is worth buying.

Graphics: Nothing to hollar about, but still well done. The CG cutscenes are beautiful, the storybook cutscenes are well drawn, but the in game graphics are detailed, but bland.

Overall: I'd say rent this to see if you like it, but only buy it if you're a hardcore fan.

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As an added bonus, I in no way hate this game personally. If I were too stupid to not realize my opinion isn't fact, I would've given this four stars.

That's why I said rent it, mainly because not only is it fairly short when you focus on story missions, but you may actually like it enough to find some replay value.

Posted by LightGaia

I think it's ok. Not as good as Sonic Unleashed but, still better than Sonic and the Secret Rings. Good review.

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