Any idea when the HD version will be out?

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I'm going insane waiting for this game. Sonic CD has always been (and forever will be) my favorite 2D Sonic game.

Gamespot has it's release date as December 7, which obviously isn't true and Wikipedia has it set for December 13th, which I'd assume is for the PSN version.

I've read this weeks release schedules for Xbox Live and PSN and the game is absent from both. I suppose it's certainly possible that the game could be released next week, though that'd likely be the last chance for it to release this year.

What do you guys think?

Edit: Go figure, Sega just revealed it for tomorrow for 400 points. Mods, do your thing.

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There is no set release date at this time but it is still set to be released in December.

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The Playstation website says the 14th:

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