johnshinobi's Sonic Colors (Wii) review

Sonic Colours? I barely Sonic know hers!

Sonic Team really nailed the concept this time around. Sure, the daytime Sonic Unleashed levels were fun, but there were like about 8 of them and you had to navigate a menu for 20 minutes just to find them. In Sonic Colours, every aspect of the gameplay has been streamlined for the enjoyment of the player- loads of "daytime" style levels with stellar design, great gameplay mechanics (including the titular wisp "colours") and let's not forget some of the best Sonic game music since Sonic 3's funky marble garden zone.
Above all else, what I really appreciated with this game was that you could just start it up and play through the levels continuously (in challenge mode) just like the old Sonics- no gimmicks, no mini-games, no sidetracking, just core gameplay from start to finish- be it 2D or 3D.


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    This is the best Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2! The Sonic Cycle is officially broken. This game has THE best graphics on the Wii, and one of the best musical scores on the Wii (what else would you expect from Sonic Team?). The only problem with the music is a sad lack of Crush 40...but, oh well. The gameplay is non-stop fun, and the Wisps actually make it more enjoyable. Whats more, if you decide the Wisps aren't your thing, you can skip over them entirely. Overall, this is in the top 10 Wi...

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    No doubt Sonic franchise has gone through lot of abuse during the years. Luckily for us few remaining fans, the last couple of games (ignoring that Kinetic effort) have shown some signs of improvements. First Sonic Episode 4 with it back to roots approach and then Sonic Colors month later with even more of that pure platform joy. The infamous Sonic Cycle came to everyone's mind when Sonic Colours was announced certainly. More annoying cuddly sidekicks. Thankfully those new additions play very sm...

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