First Review in by IGN - 7.5

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Seriously? The GB quicklook made that game look outright broken. 
Maybe the extra time in development since then helped iron out the bugs. Still, I'm dubious - will wait for more reviews to come in first. IGN 'exclusive' review scores tend to be grossly inflated.

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The GiantBomb QL was somewhat embarrassing, but that was an early version of the game with someone who had no idea how to play. 
Some of the demonstrations of it have looked somewhat fun and I'll admit that I was impressed by the Japanese ad.  Looks like it'd be a lot of fun to play with friends. 
Still, Kinect is going to need a lot more than this to sell me.
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I'm indifferent on whether or not I'd like to pretend that I'm on the hover board from Back To The Future 2. Take that, reviewer man.

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That's actually a lot better than what I expected it to get.

#7 Posted by Jadeskye (4369 posts) -
@CitizenKane: You said it. after watching Ryan struggle against the controls I was fully expecting it to ship broken.
#8 Posted by Computerplayer1 (1066 posts) -
@CitizenKane: It's roughly 7.5 points better than I expected.
#9 Posted by Ignor (2372 posts) -

It's good, for a kinect game.

#10 Posted by Gamer_152 (14265 posts) -

I'm very surprised it scored that highly, although I'm still not convinced it's a quality product.

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@Mrskidders:  So most of the other reviews are in - and I f*cking called it. IGN early reviews are usually bullshit and this ain't no exception to the rule apparently. Game got an absolute butchering from Eurogamer/Gametrailers/Kotaku and other sites. Apparently the controls are just plain broken.

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