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If only i had super speed, so i could chuck this as ASAP

Sonic Heroes is the first game to feature teams, there are 4 teams consisting of 3 characters:
Team Sonic: Sonic-Tails-Knuckles
Team Rose: Cream and Cheese-Amy-Big
Team Chaotix: Espio-Vector-Charmy
Team Dark: Shadow-Rouge-Omega

Each team has a different diffulcity level, Team Rose being the easy, Team Sonic being average, Team Dark being hard, and Team Chaotix being varied depending on the level as instead of a speeding they have exploration, in which you have to find a certain item ot chao to complete the level, which is utterly boring.

I'll start of with the gameplay, it's appauling, controlling 3 characters at once is confusing enough without the computor not knowing who you are to match.

Next up, the graphics, the gameplay graphics are decent but the ones in the clip are worse than in the gameplay for once! Everything is pointy and does'nt have enough pixels!

Then the story, Eggman has escaped from prison and has made a killer machine....What? No, seriously, that's the story done.

Overall, Sonic Heroes is one of the worst Sonic games to date and really should have had more time spent on the graphics, gameplay and story, rather than  Charmys voice. 2 STARS!


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