about sonic & sega all star racing...

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*sigh* im half and half with this game, i like it....and i don't like it, i hate the title for starters, from the looks of it, it seems they couldn't decide whether to have just sonic characters or nothing but sega characters, i don't know why they call it "SONIC & sega all star", just sega all star should be fine, like "sega all star tennis" *shivers*, a-anyway what im trying to say is, if they just had one OR the other, it would be much better, instead of having some of one and a lot of the other, the lack of sonic characters makes you think "whats the point of putting them in the game in the first place?" thats what i thought. 
in short, this is what they should of done:- 
Sega All Star Racing (just sega characters in, no sonic) 
Sonic Racing/speed racers etc (only sonic characters) 
if that happened it would be much better than having barely any sonic characters, and a bunch sega characters i couldn't care less about (well maybe Billy) 
thats the only gripe i have with this game, just thought i should share 
PS, i heard they included metal sonic in download content, well at least its not another sega character (we got enough of them), metal sonic's quite cool, but im waiting for Silver, hope they consider it. 
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Sonic's name is attached because he's their main draw.
Also, thinking about Sonic Racing, a perceived sequel to Sonic R, made me all giddy.

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Try out the Xbox's title "Sonic and Sega All Star Racing Featuring Banjo-Kazooie" .
Personally I like the mix even if it's a bit Sonic heavy, I like the silly nods to past games in the achievements,and  I LOVE ALEX KIDD! (seriously where's my XBLA port guys?) 
Most of the 'All Stars' rely a lot on nostalgia and if you're too young to know the games they obviously won't mean anything to you - I think the most contemporary people they have are Shenmue and Billy D, two franchises from a dead console. 
The characters really don't matter at the end of the day, it's just a really solid kart racer that's a lot of fun to play.

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Funny, my problem with it is that it had TOO many Sonic characters ... like, one too many ;)

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There's a severe lack of good Sega characters in the game. Where's Alex Kidd's long-lost father? Probably still chilling out on planet Paperock because he doesn't want to be anywhere near Sonic.

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so in other words you were expecting just sonic, tails and knuckles?
#7 Posted by zanacon99 (23 posts) -
in a way i agree with you, i actually reconize most of them, the one i would want would be dynamite headdy (played it all the time when i was young) but its uncommon so i kinda knew he wouldn't be in it, but i can at least hope :(

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