Interested in Sega All-Star Racing? I'm live streaming it.

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Hey all. After the boys posted their Quick Look there's been some renewed interest in Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing, and deservedly so. It's probably the best Kart racer since Crash Team Racing, short of maybe Super Mario Kart DS. It's nonstop Sega fan-service to be sure, but as someone who grew up with the Master System, I adore it.
I'll be going through some of the content at the end of the game as well as racing online, so you can see just how awesome the cycles are ;)  Feel free to tune in! There will be an archive of this available as well.

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#3 Posted by MrJared (443 posts) -

Thanks a lot for coming and checking out the game everyone. The archive is up and now you can watch me get sodomized over and over again by red rockets ;o

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Man, I am really considering getting this game now.  I am in need of a good kart racing game.

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@lead_farmer said:
" Man, I am really considering getting this game now.  I am in need of a good kart racing game. "
Between this and the Quick Look, I'm definitely thinking about picking it up. Looks like a solid game. And it might satiate my need for a chaotic racer in the space before Blur's release.
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I picked it up because I'm a huge Shenmue fan. I didn't expect it to be very good but I'm surprisingly enjoying it a lot.
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What kind of capture hardware do you use? Im interested in the Hauppagge HD PVR and wondering if you've heard anything about it.

#8 Posted by MrJared (443 posts) -
@ajr123: I just use a simple Canopus S-Video capture device, but I also have a down-converter so I can play in 720p but broadcast in SD. 
As for the Hauppagge, it's great for recording (in fact, its probably the best at recording direct to HD), but nigh-impossible to stream from unless you're on a Mac, because what you'll have to open up a window and then capture it direct from the desktop and Windows tends to choke on that sort of nonsense. Even then, you wouldn't want to do it like that.

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