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I have found myself a beautiful Gem of gaming. Something so great, It makes me want to read the paper to find something interesting. SONIC SHUFFLE for the Dreamcast is such a game.

First, I know what you're thinking. "Sonic Shuffle is like.... bad!" To answer that, yes. But what is bad to most people? Surely this isn't the greatest achievement in Mario Party-like fun, But it's makeshift enough for you to enjoy it for what it is! Take the horrible character model animation, and bad voice acting from The First Sonic Adventure. Then cell shade them and tell the voice actors to drop their IQ! Next give everybody cards and let them wander around aimlessly! BRILLIANT! You have a game so solid, it makes Mario Party look a little too professional.

You wander around looking for, Not Precious stones, but Precioustones (there's a difference okay.) And wonder when it is you're actually going to play a mini game. sometimes you get to land on mini game spaces, and then when that happens, brief moments of IN YOUR FACE action explode onto the screen. There are other times when an "accident" Happens and you're thrown into a mini game. Something about that tell me that they don't really mean for any fun to actually happen. This being the case I want to get out of every game making sure everyone is okay!

Playing the game sometimes is just a little too confusing, at best. You don't know if you should really be enjoying this or not. Maybe it's a lazy Sunday kind of game where you know you have absolutely nothing to do so you might as well kill some time on a Dreamcast game that you feel sorry for. It really tries it's best to be a unique answer to a formula that Mario is doing 50 times over. So for that I give it a chance. Playing this game with other people will lead everyone enjoying a conversation about something else, and ultimately forgetting that they happen to be playing a video game.

But the greatest thing about this game,(as with every other sonic game) is the amazing soundtrack. It's catchy in some respects and trippy/weird in others. A marriage of Sonic music you'd probably expect, and people just "wondering what if would sound like if we did this!" Oh, Sega. If only the game was as awesome as these fresh beats!

If anything I would have to say, if you have a Dreamcast, get it anyway. You don't even need to play it! Just put it somewhere in your room so that your friends come over and say, "Sonic Shuffle for the Dreamcast huh?... Neat." and then enjoy doing whatever it is you do.

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