The last boss is unfairly difficult

#1 Posted by RJay_64 (625 posts) -

Maybe that's how last bosses should be...super difficult...but I have no desire to go through a long, long battle only to die in the last few moments and have to start the slow process again.  I understand if people liked the last fight though.  What did you think?

#2 Posted by Marcsman (3322 posts) -

I think 
You should NUT Up or SHUT UP.
#3 Posted by Kokoro (156 posts) -

I liked it. Some parts confused me at first though, like when Eggman broke the whole ground.

#4 Posted by 02sfraser (847 posts) -

The difficulty is just out of context. The rest of the game was a fun ride, then suddenly a difficult boss appears which is a bit odd. I still enjoyed it.

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