Poor Sonic :(

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I remember growing up wishing that they made Sonic shoes....But allot of his games now aren't worth even one Chaos emerald. Its sad to the point where I wish they would put the little blue Hedgehog down. Whats your opinion on the little blue blur's career?

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#3 Posted by Ace829 (2083 posts) -

If Sonic 4 sucks then yes, he must be put down.

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get the sonic mega collection, play sonic cd somehow, and maybe give the rush games a shot.  that's plenty of sonic to fill a lifetime.

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The new one is supposed to go back to sonics root (1&2 sidescroller style) So we'll have to wait and see

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Yea that is what I am putting my hopes on Sonic 4. So hopefully that will keep me interested. An i am interested to see how the other episodes play out 

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I have some hope for sonic 4. I recentlly got the Sonic classics collection for my DS which includes the first four games and special modes to play as knuckles in 2 and 3 and it reminded how awsome sonic used to be. Please sega i beg you bring that awsome-ness back!!!!

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yay sonic 4

#9 Posted by Gamer_152 (14078 posts) -

I can imagine walking through town and seeing Sonic laying in the street with a beard and a bottle of vodka, shouting at passers by.

#10 Posted by FreakAche (2953 posts) -

The Sonic Rush/Sonic Advance series has been pretty good. Sonic is not totally dead.

#11 Posted by ryoma122 (699 posts) -

i hate sonic now i never though id say it but i do if it wasnt for those games im sure there would have been a shenmue 3

#12 Posted by Dr_VonBoogie (348 posts) -
@FreakAche said:
" The Sonic Rush/Sonic Advance series has been pretty good. Sonic is not totally dead. "
Yeah! Why is that whenever someone mentions past Sonic games they always forget the hand held Sonic games.
#13 Posted by zerodude (8 posts) -

can t wait

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