Did Anybody Ever Enjoy Sonic, Because I Never Have...

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With the trailer of the new Sonic game, I was wondering, does anybody actually like Sonic? Looking back, were the original Sonic games even that good because replaying them they don't stand the test of time. As someone born in '93, I can never remember enjoying a Sonic game. Maybe it was because Super Mario 64 just came out and comparing that to Sonic Adventure is not fair. Did anybody ever like Sonic? Because this is how I have always felt about him:

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It's probably because you were born in '93 and got shafted with Sonic Adventure. Those of us who actually grew up playing the originals tend to have much fonder memories to draw from.

So to answer your question, yes. I loved Sonic as a kid.

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Well there's your problem. You never played the good sonic games.

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@yoshimitz707 said:
" Well there's your problem. You never played the good sonic games. "
But are there good Sonic games? Because it seems like I've played them all over and over again without ever having fun.
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Sonic 2 was the first game I ever played, so yeah I did enjoy a sonic game.

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I feel like the games don't hold up very well but when I played them for the first time in like '98 as a 6 year old they were awesome.

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Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are even by todays standards really fun games.

I also enjoyed Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes when I got them as a child but by todays standards those games certainly are not fun.

Also note that I was born in '93 and my first sonic game was number 1.
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Even back during the Genesis years I knew Mario was the better platformer, but that didn't stop those first few titles from being pretty solid games. Sonic 3 in particular is great.

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I played Sonic 1 through Sonic & Knuckles on the Genesis as a kid and yes, those games are still pretty good (although I'll admit Sonic 2 was the peak of the series, it was all downhill from there.)


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