How did Sonic games become horrible?

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#51 Posted by ajamafalous (11590 posts) -

Being a huge Sonic fan (and still a huge Sonic fan), I mark Sonic Heroes as the turning point. Sonic Adventure 2 was the last Sonic game I enjoyed (barring the Sonic Advance games; don't remember when those came out relative to SA2).

#52 Posted by iam3green (14388 posts) -

it was because the games started doing the same thing just different platform. sega didn't know what to do with the game so they decided to add more characters into the game. the only good sonic games were the ones that were 2D. the last one that i played was adventures 2 for the gamecube. it was a horrible game. the only great levels were when you played as sonic. knuckles was a badass character, that had to find gems.... that level started getting boring.

#53 Posted by jackbag (209 posts) -
@FreakAche said:
" The people saying that Sonic games are just about holding right and jumping every once and a while have obviously never played past the first level in a Sonic game. "
Pretty sure that's how I've gotten through every sonic game I've ever played. 
Unless there were some levels I'm forgetting about where you had to hold left instead of right.
#54 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6067 posts) -

Yuji Naka left Sonic Team. Because of that = Furry relationship.

#55 Posted by MooseyMcMan (9714 posts) -

To be perfectly honest, all Sonic games are bad. Even the old ones that everyone loves. I think it's just a case of people playing the games in their younger days, thinking they were great, and then realizing that there's not much to them aside from holding up/right (depending on 3D or 2D) and occasionally jumping. Jeff seems to have come to this conclusion (at least based on the recent Quick Look).  
And I'm no different, I have a bunch of Sonic games, including the Adventure ones, a couple of the GBA/DS, and even a GameCube compilation of the old ones from the Genesis games. And to be honest, the only ones that still seem a little fun (to me anyway) are the GBA/DS ones. 

#56 Posted by ArbitraryWater (10981 posts) -

Sonic Adventure happened. Then Sonic Adventure 2 happened.

#57 Posted by LackingSaint (1689 posts) -

The feeling of going from full-speed to a fullstop has always been something I really dislike, so really Sonic has never appealed to me. I honestly think Sega should try treating Sonic as more of a driving game than a platformer; it suits the basic premise of momentum way better.

#58 Edited by OneManX (1661 posts) -

Sonic just may be a concept that can't be recreated in 3D. Not to compare it to Mario, but Sonic has never had it's "Mario 64" moment where this concept can be proven to work in full 3D. It looks like Colors bucks that trend, but with just SO MANY just meh games it's hard for most gamer to give Sonic that 2nd chance.

#59 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

Sonic was good?

#60 Posted by tsolless (465 posts) -

Reason number one is that sonic was never that great to start off with. Nostalgia is a bitch for trying to revive franchises.
It should have been ended a long time ago when people got tired of the concept but they kept making more games and since they stopped selling as well, they tried, unsuccessfully, to change the game up causing it to become worse. 
Franchises just die sometimes.

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