How would YOU "fix" the Sonic franchise?

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@riffingt0n said:
They already did that with Shadow and failed.
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The series should be placed in the SATAM world with Sally Acorn, Rotor, and Antoine.
Bring back the voice cast for the television series.
A (real) open world with detailed and varied quests that involve side-episodes and main-story episodes from the show.
Original writer should work on the game's story.
Placed in season 1 to season 2, and beyond.
Arkham Asylum did something similar, and I think Sonic should do the same.

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Easy, keep it about the speed and running and keep it simple.
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kill everyone in team sonic
drop the gun  and walk away

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I think it should be done in a "Metroidvania" system where Sonic gains access to new areas by unlocking new abilities and maybe a dash of Shadow Complex where he can attack enemies in the foreground with select moves.

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One Bullet

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I don't know maybe Sonic 4 or even Sonic Colors but even that's a hard sell after the years of the garbage shovelware Sonic titles. 2D or even a 2.5D Sonic is where the franchise should have stayed in my opinion I got my fingers crossed on any new Sonic to be honest.

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