Petition to separate Master System and Genesis version

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Part of Giant Bomb's problem is the American bias. The NES may have been a smash is the US, and the Master System a relative failure, but outside of the US (you know, the rest of the world) it was a success. Brazil, Japan, Australia and the UK loved it. 

Anyway, lumping these two games in together because they have the same name and are both from the 90s is stupid. Why not add Sonic The Hedgehog for the Xbox 360 and PS3 here too by that logic. 

These are two separate games - the Master System version is NOT a port, it was made FROM SCRATCH. If this site is about recording history then let it show these are different games. FYI, I made separate wiki for the Master System version, but it was rejected, so I did try.
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I agree.  The MasterSystem/GameGear version are completely different from the Genesis version.  I own the Game Gear game.  Same thing goes towards the PoP:Sands of Time GBA version.  That game is completly different.  Would like to hear impute about these kinds a things from a mod.

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