johnpaullucky7's Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (Game Boy Advance) review

Sonic Genesis on GBA what can I say it's pathetic

Sonic's 15th birthday this game was to celebrate it and what is disappointment after hearing how bad this game was i decided to play it. Trust me the Mega Drive/Genesis version were brilliant this one is just bad the first level of Green Hill Zone seemed fine but then comes Marble Zone which becomes hard and worse. Then the others get worse and slows down causing you to get killed it's annoying which i had to switch off the game yes it's that bad.  Oh Labyrinth Zone is just terrible when trying to beat Act 2 near the end just goes slow as hell very frustrating.

The game really suffers from really bad frame rate which makes you die i got trapped during the block and lava which i could not get out. That is the main issue to the game and adding this you get another mode called Anniversary which not that different at all just wish the spin dash added.

The sound is alright some of Sonic classic tracks have been made different a little as you know it is Game Boy Advance. The graphics are pretty good which the only decent thing you can say about this game though you will notice the slight colour in some enemies.  As with the Mega Drive/Genesis version you have a wider screen while this version has cut off some parts cropped i should say this even makes it more hard to play the game.

As Sonic is Sega's mascot they should not be really making bad Sonic games it really makes the company look bad I mean if Nintendo make Mario's game good because he is there top mascot but Nintendo have had problems with there games. But with classic titles such as this one they really should not have messed up on one of Sonic's best games.  Just look at Donkey Kong Country for the GBA it is as good as the SNES version why Sega never made this version well I'll never know.

This release never did make it to the UK only the US and thank god we don't need terrible games as this as i was saying this game is unplayable drives me to mad and it goes slow way to much just so much problems with this.

If you want Sonic then buy it part of the Sonic Mega Collection on various consoles or buy the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Collection on PSP or PS2 because thats the best you will get this Sonic from.


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